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We, the Diane Nash Committee, request your company’s participation in and support of the “Dedicating Diane Nash Plaza: A Celebration of Courage and Conviction” event on April 20, 2024. This event will honor Diane Nash, who played a pivotal role as an activist, leader, and strategist in the student wing of the Civil Rights Movement. Following the bombing of attorney and civil rights leader Alexander Looby’s house, Nash, then a studentat Fisk University, led a group of students on a march to the courthouse to meet with Mayor Ben West in Nashville. On the courthouse steps, she posed a question that led to the desegregation of lunch counters and changed history. 

In 2021, the Nashville Metro City Council recognized Nash’s contributions by naming the plaza in front of the Historic Metro Courthouse in her honor. The Diane Nash Plaza features the Courthouse steps and large fountains in front of the building. We are thrilled to announce that the honoree, Diane Nash, has accepted our invitation to attend this special occasion. This event presents an outstanding opportunity for the Nashville community to ex- press our gratitude for her remarkable wisdom, courage, and fortitude, which have benefited all residents. 

Additionally, Rev. James Lawson will be participating and recognized during the weekend’s events. Rev. Lawson, an American activist and university professor, played a significant role in the Civil Rights Movement’s implemen- tation of nonviolent civil disobedience. In the 1960s, he mentored the Nashville Student Movement and the Stu- dent Nonviolence Coordinating Committee, including Diane Nash, teaching them the tactics that would define their activism. 

We would be honored to have your support in making this occasion a resounding success. With that in mind, we request that you consider becoming a sponsor and joining us in this noble endeavor. Enclosed is a document de- tailing the various sponsorship levels and the associated benefits that would significantly advantage your company. 

For clarification or more information, please get in touch with Councilwoman Zulfat Suara at Zulfat.Suara@nash- Alternatively, call the Diane Nash Committee at 615-585-2558. 
We appreciate your support and ask you to save the date for Saturday, April 20th, 2024. 

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